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Microsoft Lumia 650 – Where does the Lumia division go from here


Microsoft has, by now, experienced a major rise and fall when it comes to the markets of hardware technology.

The company which is an absolute giant and dominates the world of software technology like no other, a company which has released OS after OS, all of which have proven major successes, has now been suffering quite an unlucky situation with the Mobile Phone markets.

The company has been losing out cash at a very rapid pace, and not just are they losing out on the profits, they are also losing out on the market share.

Often, companies tend to over-invest when they see returns nearby. However, Microsoft seems to be throwing money down a bottomless hole, as the company is not getting any returns and the market conditions are just worsening for their Mobile phones division.

Microsoft Mobiles has been suffering big time, and there is nothing that the company is doing to help its case.

Microsoft Lumia 650 was released earlier this week, but the company has not managed to do much with the release as there was neither hype nor an announcement which declared that the phone had arrived into the markets.

The Lumia 650 has proven to be an experimental device, and is likely to drown like the other Microsoft devices recently.

The company, however, is not giving up hope. While it was previously indicated that Microsoft might not even be coming out with any more devices after the 650, it is now expected that the company will be showing off two more devices in the next few days.

The Mobile World Congress is expected to be the stage where the company is likely to reveal the Lumia 750 and the Lumia 850 phones.

Microsoft is also expected to be working on the Surface series of devices which are expected to change  the very way we look at Microsoft Phones.

However, the future looks quite distant for Microsoft and the company is in a dire need to pull their act together and come out with better performing phones.

A recent statistic has shown that Microsoft has bled out close to $8 Billion, let go of nearly 8000 employees, and still ended up losing out over 50% of their market share last year. This should alarm the company to do better!