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Microsoft Mobiles In A Glance: What Does The Future Have For Them?


Ever since Bill Gates and Paul Allen found Microsoft in 1975, the company has almost always been on the rise.

Whether it is gaming devices or software, Microsoft has always been around the top of the market if not on the top.

With the brilliant achievements like the Xbox and Windows Operating System, the Redmond giant has almost never failed to impress.

The only logical move for the company was to expand to untapped territories and that is exactly what Microsoft did.

In 2013 Microsoft announced officially about the acquisitions of Nokia’s phone assets.

There were strong rumors suggesting that Microsoft will look to launch its own smartphone franchise and discontinue the already running Lumia smartphone franchise. But apparently Microsoft was fast in proving those rumors wrong and decided to continue with Lumia phones.

It was then that the Surface Phone rumors were first heard. Ever since that decision it does not take a huge kind of intellect to know that the Lumia smartphones have been a complete failure. So far that the smartphone franchise cost Microsoft losses in Billions and the company had to let go of more than 7,500 employees all around the world.

While Microsoft was still involved in making Lumia phones, it also started a tablet series in the name of ‘Surface Pro’, the first two editions of the tablet by Microsoft went almost un – noticed BUT the third edition of the tablet brought surprise even to Microsoft.

The Surface Pro 3 had earned profits much more than anyone could predict and brought around a Billion dollar profit to the company.

Influenced by the unexpected profit of Surface Pro 3, Microsoft decided to launch the fourth version and step in to the laptop market as well.

The first ever laptop by Microsoft came under the name ‘Surface Book’. Now the name ‘Surface’ going around has again started the rumor mill about the much anticipated Surface Phones.

It is highly believed that in the second half of 2016, Microsoft will launch the first Surface Phone and completely shut down the Lumia franchise.

It is said the release date depends on Intel’s up-coming processor which is rumored to be more powerful than any other. Microsoft will be looking to switch to the Intel processor from Qualcomm which they use in some Lumia smartphones.

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