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Microsoft Selfie – Now iOS Users Can Get Better Selfie Editing Options


Microsoft has pledged not to remain restricted only to its own platform. It is constantly trying to get more and more apps into other platforms like iOS and Android.

If you remember, the company has launched applications like MS Office apps for both platforms and has also launched the Cortana app for Android.

Cortana failed and was pulled out, but we cannot deny that the effort was rather commendable and we are sure that the app will return to its place once again.

The iOS platform is also being explored by the Redmond giant. It has recently come up with an interesting selfie editing app for the iOS users, and has termed it simply as ‘Microsoft Selfie’.

Microsoft Selfie has derived most of its features from the Lumia Selfie app, that works on all Microsoft Lumia devices with front cameras. Needless to say, this app is for those for whom their selfie is what defines them.

Various editing options within the application can allow users on iOS to get pictures that are of great quality and have a professional edge to it.

And with Apple’s excellent camera lens, the effects can be expected to be even better.

The app is uber smart, which means that the application understands the person whose selfie it is taking.

It can understand the sex, the age, the skin tone, and can judge the surroundings to generate the perfect images and provide the apt editing options.

Colors, saturation, hue and exposure adjustments can be done manually or with a number of presets, that can be rolled back if required.

Filters are also a major aspect of the application. A variety of them are available, from which you can choose and preview how the picture looks.

Although only one filter can be used at a time, if a second one is required, then the user will have to save the image, close it and reopen to edit it with a second filter atop the first one.

Sliders are provided on each filter or setting to adjust what you want. You can even compare both the original and edited images to see how much of an improvement can be done.

The only drawback in the application is that a user will have to share the files upload them to the social network as the single tap feature would not work.