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Microsoft Selfie Permits iOS Users to Edit Selfies Sort of a Skilled


This week, Microsoft Corporation discharged a brand new photo-editing app for iOS users.

The app, Microsoft selfie, is solely designed for people who are addicted to selfies and want to edit their pictures sort of a skilled.

It resembles Lumia selfie that’s accessible for Windows users solely.

Microsoft selfie uses algorithms supported gender, skin tone, age, light-weight conditions, and connected stuff to reinforce the visual attractiveness of the image with simply one faucet.

It reduces noise from a picture, and adjusts colors and exposure.

It additionally fixes skin imperfections and provides unflawed results while not abundant trouble.

The app contains lots of filters which will be applied to pictures taken either from camera roll or the app.

The feature is analogous to several different apps, like Instagram.

The app permits users to use one filter on a picture. However if user desires to use a lot of, the sole alternate is to avoid wasting the image and open it within the app to use second filter.

There is associate degree adjustment slider for the ultimate picture that facilitates users to pick the quantity of process done. This may be done before saving the image.

The app additionally permits users to check the initial image with the one emended.

However, it misses out the photo-sharing feature. For sharing photos on social networks, users would transfer them in associate degree quaint method instead of one faucet.

As determined in recent smartphones, Apple itself is aware enough to produce higher quality image for selfie-obsessed users.

The organization has supplemental 5MP front camera in each iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s and, in conjunction with the options like tissue layer Flash, HDR, and Panorama.

Additionally, there are many photo-editing apps on its platform that create it less seemingly for Microsoft Selfie to attain a high position.

However, since Apple’s chief operating officer, Satya Nadella, came into power, the corporate has unfold, its roots to different platforms to capture immense audience.

One in every of its biggest steps was to introduce Cortana to iOS and robot platforms.

With Microsoft Selfie, it’s assumed that Microsoft can have plenty a lot of audience to project its potential.

The app is accessible on iPhone, iPad and different Apple devices that run on iOS 8.0 or above. It’s free and downloadable from iTunes.

It’s nevertheless to be identified either it’d be launched on robot in future or not.