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Microsoft Selfie – The New Application for Perfect Selfies



Despite Microsoft’s efforts for hardware are becoming more obvious, Microsoft Selfie is proof of the company’s software prowess.

The biggest concern of the social networking enthusiasts, for some years, is taking the perfect selfies. To accomplish the perfect selfie, social network enthusiasts spend quite some time editing the photo, in order to gather more Likes, before actually posting it.  Starting from this premise, the people at Microsoft thought to facilitate the process through their own application called suggestively Microsoft Selfie.

Illustrated by capture below, the new application includes a feature similar to that found in Lumia Selfie. Fortunately, while Lumia Selfie only runs on Windows Phones, the new little program is available for iPhones also.

In terms of usability of the Microsoft Selfie app is worth mentioning from the start that it works just as good with previously captured images as with in-app taken pictures. Once you have chosen the basic picture, you can easily improve a wide variety of features thereof, from skin tone, color balance and brightness. Never the less, but these are the characteristics that underlie the perfectly selfie. Thus, instead of downloading the selfie on your PC and edit it in Photoshop before it reaches Facebook, you can carry out most of the process using your very own iDevice.

If you find it very hard to manually adjust sliders for skin tone and the amount of light in an image to reach perfection, you can try the “Intelligent Enhancements” button. The latter, with surprising results, will try to guess what should be changed to a selfie to be showier, taking into account skin tone, age, sex, brightness and beyond. For the package to be complete, you are offered 13 filters.

If you want to test for yourself the usefulness of the Microsoft Selfie, a free download from Apple’s AppStore is available.