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Microsoft Surface Phone – The Gen Next Surface Device?


Microsoft as a company have single handedly dominated the OS market as well as the Software market. Since it was found in 1975 by the legendary Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft has soared through the skies of success in whichever field the set foot on.

After the gigantic success which they achieved through the OS market as well as the Software market, Microsoft decided to make their mark on the hard ware industry as well.

Microsoft joined hands with Nokia in order to make their mark on the hard ware market.

At the beginning of this business venture, there were many rumors about Microsoft bringing in their own set of mobile phone franchise instead of continuing with the already ongoing Lumia franchise. But Microsoft was quick to deny about any of those rumors. As we all know Microsoft continued with the Lumia phones.

It is not a big surprise that the Lumia franchise have not done better than average in the mobile phone markets.

The Surface is a 3 year old brand in which Microsoft manufactures its own devices. The first two editions didn’t sell very well in the market, but the Surface Pro 3 brought them 1 billion dollars in profit reported my Microsoft.

Looking at the great response from the market, Microsoft decided to launch the Surface Pro 4 and their very first laptop the Surface Book in succession.

Now the rumor mill has again started spinning which was stopped by Microsoft when they patched up with Nokia. Yes, there are very strong rumors that Microsoft will cancel the windows phone which was due to release in late 2015 and instead release a Surface phone. Screenshot_27

It is said that the Surface Phone will be powered by a more powerful Intel processor than the most recent Qualcomm. This will give the Surface Phone the ability to run x86 (Win 32) applications on the samrtphone.

The Surface Phone could be introduced as early as August 2016 or in the mid September or around the Christmas of the coming year. It is said that the release date majorly relies upon how soon the powerful processor can be finished by Intel and handed to Microsoft. Or Microsoft can release the Surface Phone with the next major release in Windows 10 which is the Redstone.

Are you people excited for the highly awaited and much rumored Surface Phone? Comment below and let us know.