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Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book: Know the specs –


Microsoft has been top of the league since the establishment of the company. We all can dig into our childhood memories and can relate to Microsoft in one or the other way. It has been on the top in the software industry.

After all the recent success of their latest version of operating system that is Windows 10 OS Microsoft have been trying their hand at newer markets. Surface Pro 4-The Laptop of the Future, Features and Specs

Microsoft recently has started to try to get out of their comfort zone which is the software market and plant their foot in the hardware market. With the release of various versions of Lumia, Microsoft have clarified their intent of fighting in the hardware market.

Evidently so far its been a bad experience as a whole for the company in the hardware markets. But the Microsoft is not one to stop trying their best in order to achieve more success in this market.

Microsoft have introduced the latest in their series of Surface Pro tablets that is Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and for the first time in their history they have released a laptop Microsoft Surface Book.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 releases in the market running on the latest version of the operating system that is the windows 10 OS. Microsoft has given the options to the users in this device of RAM which varies between 4 GB to 16 GB, the chipsets also varies from Intel’s core M3 to Intel’s i7. Also the users will have the choice in the storage which will vary from 128 GB of SSD to 1TB of SSD.

The device will consist of a 12.3 inched screen with a battery life of upto 12 hours.

Microsoft Surface Book, the laptop releases in the market also running on the latest version of the operating system that is the Windows 10 OS. The device comes out with stronger processors and offers the choice to the users between the latest generations of Intel’s i5 and Intel’s i7 processors and offers RAM variants from 8 GB and 16 GB.

The internal storage is as same as of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which vary from 128 GB of SSD to 1 TB of SSD and it comes out with a 13.5 inched screen. This device can be used as both a laptop and a tablet.