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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Apple iPad Pro 2 Which One Takes The Cake?


This year is going to be a good one for both Microsoft and Apple fans. The two tech giants are expected to launch two great devices during 2017. Microsoft will be coming out with Surface Pro 5 while Apple will be unveiling the highly anticipated iPad Pro 2. Even though these two devices do not fit in the same category because one it’s a laptop while the other is a tablet, they are still seen as rivals.

In order to decide which one is better we’re going to compare the two devices today. Obviously Microsoft’s device will be better from a hardware performance point of view, but Apple might still be able to steal some customers from Microsoft’s way as a result of its popularity. We should also mention that all that we know about Surface Pro 5 and iPad Pro 2 is based on rumors.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Apple iPad Pro 2

Surface Pro 5 is definitely going to have a big advantage over the new iPad Pro 2 because it will be equipped with Intel’s seventh generation Kaby Lake processors. On the other hand, iPad Pro 2 will be powered by the company’s own A10X chipset. Even better, Surface Pro 5 is expected to ship with a surface dial, stylus and cover keyboard. Apple will only bundle its device with an Apple Pencil and smart keyboard.

As previously mentioned, the two devices do not fit in the same category therefore it’s quite hard to compare them. Microsoft has designed its Surface Pro lineup with one purpose in mind, to offer a 2-in-1 device which can be used as a full-on laptop or a tablet. Apple’s iPad Pro lineup can only be used as a tablet. Even though the new iPad Pro 2 will be able to offer the same hardware performance as most laptops, it will pare in comparison with Surface Pro 5.

In the end it looks like Microsoft has the upper hand in this comparison which was expected. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t forget the huge fan base Apple has. This definitely gives Microsoft something to fear. All that we can do right now is to wait and see if iPad Pro 2 is really able to take on Surface Pro 5.