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Microsoft Surface Pro vs New Dell XPS 13 – Which One is the Right One for You?


If you are looking for a new laptop, it can be very difficult to make a choice, since there are many impressive devices on the market. Microsfotțs Surface Pro series have managed to bring some improvements for laptop users who like to take their devices everywhere.

Right now, the latest Surface Pro has a worthy rivalȘ the new Dell XPS 13. Both devices are great when it comes to portability, but which one is the best?


The display is clearly different. The display of the XPS 13 is definetely larger, at 13.3 inches, while the Surface Pro comes with a 12.3-inch one. There are more options when it comes with touch. If you want to get a XPS 13 you have three options. You can get a FHD non-touch display, a 4K/UHD one (3,840 x 2,160), or a FHD one (1,920 x 1,080).

Battery life

The battery life can be an important factor if you plan to take your device with you everywhere. The Surface Pro offers you an impressive battery life, and it comes with 13.5 hours of usage on a charge, which is really good. However, it appears that the new XPS 13 will offer 19 hours and 46 minutes on a charge, which is more than impressive.


The ports are also important since they are very different when it comes to these two. For example, if you want USB-C connectivity, then you should avoid the Surface Pro, since it does nto offer any. It does have a Mini DisplayPort and a USB-a Port. Additionally, it also has a microSD card slot.

The XPS 13 also has a microSD card sloth, but it does not have any USB-A ports. Instead, it has three USB-C ports.