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Microsoft Surface Tabs Becoming More Powerful Than Usual – Apple iPad Pro In Trouble


The Microsoft Surface range of products have held a special esteem in the tech world and happen to be the dream device for most people in the world. However, not many can afford them because of the price tag.

We do not know if the prices of these tabs and books are even going to be reduced so the common man can buy them, but we are really sure that Microsoft surface range will continue to be in the best position in the category of Tablets.

Microsoft recently announced that it was giving away free power cord replacements to any user who had bought the Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Pro 3 before July 15th, 2015. But now the focus is on making this range of devices even better than before.

A lot has been going around in the Redmond center and development of the Surface tab has been on the increase of late.

The reason for this is the approach of the iPad Pro which is also a 12 inch device and the largest one Apple ever built.

Well, as for the latest news, the company will be making the Surface books and the Surface Pro 4 stronger.

The change will be brought about starting today and the devices will be more powerful than before.

The new devices will be laced with the Intel Core i7 processor, and will come with 1TB internal storage. The RAM will be a solid 16 GB, which means that this device will be nothing but a technical beast.

These top models of the Surface Tab will be priced at $3,199 for the highest model of the Surface book, and the highest model of the Surface Pro 4 the price would be $2,699.

This is not all. The surface pens have also been made to work better. The newest model will have the gold version of the pen.

There will also be a Surface Pen Tip Kit which will come in handy when a user prefers to change the Stylus head of the device. The different heads would be needed for the drawing and the writing of the document in the Surface tab.

This gold version would be available n Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United States of America Starting today.


  1. It’s really irritating that the media keeps talking about how “expensive” the SP4 is and the implication that the iPad Pro is less. True the base model of the iPad Pro is $799 to the base model of the SP4’s $899. but the base SP4 comes with the SP4 pen, ($50) and 128 gig of storage to the 32 gig for the iPad Pro base model. To get 128 gig on the iPad Pro it is $949. Once you add the Apple Keyboard and pen you are at: $1217.00. For $1128 you can get the I5 version of the SP4 with 4 gig memory, type cover, pen, and 128 gig storage.

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