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Microsoft to Launch the Next-Generation Xbox in 2020


Microsoft used to be a company focused on developing software such as the famous Windows operating system. However, Microsoft quickly evolved into becoming one of the world’s biggest tech companies and it does a great job of producing hardware as well. The Surface handheld lineup is an excellent example of that, but Xbox One is the company’s pride and joy.

Microsoft vs Sony

Even though all Xbox devices have been a major success, Microsoft is competing against Sony’s PlayStation every single day and truth be told, Sony usually has the upper hand.

Microsoft is the superior company when it comes to hardware power since it recently launched Xbox One X which is dubbed as “the most powerful console ever made”, but Sony takes the lead when it comes game exclusives.

Nonetheless, rumor has it that Microsoft is planning to defeat Sony once and forever by launching the next-generation of Xbox in 2020.

Next-Generation Xbox in 2020

The internet is buzzing with rumors which point towards the fact that Microsoft is working on a secret project nicknamed Scarlet. The secret project is believed to be the next-generation Xbox and while searching information about Scarlet, the folks at Thurrott were able to find that Microsoft is planning to unveil a bunch of devices that are related to it in 2020.

The weird thing about this leak is that it hasn’t been that long since Microsoft launched Xbox One X. The gaming console is selling well and is considered to be the best when it comes to performance, thus making it difficult to believe that Microsoft will launch the next-generation Xbox in 2020. However, Microsoft might feel forced to do this because Sony keeps launching amazing games such as God of War and The Last of Us Part 2 which make Xbox fans switch sides.