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Microsoft Updates Translation App, Improves Wireless Display Adapter


Microsoft has been a company which has constantly been coming out with newer updates for their devices as well as their software.

The company has been adding newer technologies to their arsenal and have constantly been improving their services with every passing day.

Microsoft has off late faced a major setback in their ventures in the hardware markets, but has now been trying to improvise their offerings.

Following are the two major updates that have rolled out in the recent times for Microsoft products and software –

  1. Microsoft Translator App

The Microsoft Translator app has now received a major update where the users can now download the entire language database and can then use the Microsoft Translator even when they are not connected to the internet.

This is quite a useful feature for those who visit foreign nations where they might have limited connectivity or no connectivity at all.

This feature is available only for the Android users. However, for the iOS users too, Microsoft has come out with an exclusive application – the users will now be able to make use of the image learning technologies and will be able to translate text written on images.

This feature is not a part of the Android update of Microsoft Translator app.

Microsoft Translator app is soon expected to compete closely with Google Translate, as it offers nearly every service which Microsoft offers, and much more!

  1. Wireless Display Adapter Updated

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter was launched a while ago, and it worked in support with Miracast.

The company intends to use it as a competition against the Google Chromecast service.

Microsoft has now made major changes to the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter-  the device now looks much slimmer and much better than ever before, and Microsoft is all set to bring out innovations that will help power this technology to the next level. The device now runs on Android as well as Microsoft devices.

The biggest update that has been made to the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is that the users can now experience a much smoother video, without any lags.

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter has also been made slimmer. It still connects in a similar manner.

The company has been having a terrible run in the markets off late and are losing out on big money.

These updates are eventually going to have a major long-term impact on the way the company functions.