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Microsoft Windows 10 OS – A Look at the stats


Microsoft Corporation has been a company which has been coming out with a large number of innovation and changes into the markets.

The company has been updating the systems with newer and better operating systems, and has been working on the lines of hardware development too.

Microsoft is trying to ensure that they do nothing wrong, but are actually being over-cautious and a small mistake here might have their own cause beaten.

Microsoft has been venturing into various marketplaces and has been trying to come out with some of their best products in every case.

The company has been changing the way the markets function, and with the release of the Windows 10 OS, this change has a definite direction.

Ever  since the Windows 10 OS came out, Microsoft has been hailed for having the sense of future, but has been bothered by numbers.

The numbers that release for the Windows 10 OS often indicate a good performance, and often indicate otherwise.

The company has now released new numbers which have shown a really, really strong growth. In over six months since its debut, Microsoft Corporation has now been installed in more than 200 million devices.

This is the fastest adoptions rate for any of Microsoft’s Operating Systems, ever.

This adoptions rate is 140% faster than that of Windows 7, their most popular OS till now. It took over a year for Windows 8 to reach this number.

Worldwide PC shipments fell 8.3% in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to research firm Gartner.

Even in this time where the markets are slowing down, the Windows 10 numbers are booming at a much rapid pace than anyone’s expectations.

Statistically speaking, this is all adding up for a stronger growth for Microsoft Corporation, as per reports, last quarter, 30% of Microsoft’s search revenue came from Windows 10 devices.  Office 365 too has been witnessing a growth.

Last quarter, Microsoft added 2.4 million subscribers, bringing the total to 20.6 million.

The company had earlier said that they intend to reach a billion devices by the end of 2017. That doesn’t look that far now, considering they keep growing at this pace.

The United States Department of Defense has now declared that they, too, will be taking this leap towards progress as they have struck a deal with Microsoft to have 4 million devices converted to Windows 10 OS.