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Microsoft Withdraws Support For Internet Explorer 7 to 10


Microsoft has recently come up with Windows 10 as its new operating system.

The introduction of the OS has brought about a new change in the way browsers work.

The recent changes in the way people browse the internet has also become significantly different, further requiring the need to have a browser that can not just deliver content well, but can also protect people from threats.

To be precise, the new browsers have to wrap themselves around the modern Operating systems and their features.

Microsoft’s age old internet Explorer has been around for ages now.

The browser has seen the OS grow from the very basic stage to what it is now. Somehow, this browser has not been able to keep up with the competition that other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have been able to provide, further making way for its exit.

The usher of the Microsoft Edge browser has further added to the main reason why the company has now decided to stop continuing with the Internet Explorer.

This does not mean that the browser will be completely done away with.

The company realises that not all devices come laced with windows 10and will  not have access to the edge browser.

Hence instead of shutting down the browser completely would be a rather silly thing to do.

Instead they preferred to end support to the internet explorer once and forever.

This would not mean that the browser would cease to exist; it just implies that the explorer would only be left as it is without any future updates or upgrades.

For users who are on the versions 7,8,9 and 10 of the browser, it is advisable that they upgrade to version 11 at the earliest.

Another advice is that the users could shift to the Microsoft Edge browser, so that they stay abreast of all the new changes that Microsoft brings about.

If all fails, then switch to another browser.