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Microsoft XBOX One Latest Update – Know the Details


After making a lot of updates for Windows 10 OS, Microsoft is looking to strengthen the Xbox by releasing new features. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Gamerscore Leaderboard: In order the check out the brand new revived Gamerscore Leaderboard, you just need to the Achievements section of your profile by clicking on ‘View Achievements’ via the sign- in tab which is situated in the guide, and you’re there! With the help of the newly revived Gamerscore Leaderboard, you can compare your total gamerscore with your friends’ and see where you stand relative to them. You can also access the biggest gains over a 30 day rolling period.
  • Avatar store: In order to access the renovated ‘Avatar Store’ the store is situated right in the Xbox Avatars app, on the console. And for the Windows 10 PCs and smart phones, you can get access to the store through the Xbox Avatars app. Now you can use and get all the latest and brand new avatar items in the brand new Avatar Store. Once you are in the Avatar Store, you can review the whole wardrobe of new and old items which also include the free items. While browsing your options, you now have the ability to test the items by previewing the items o your avatar real time before you make the purchase.
  • Xbox News: Want some information on any of Xbox things such as, console updates, new hardware, breaking entertainment content, game releases, tournaments like the Halo World Championship, and much more? Xbox News is the place for you. After this update, all the users across both Xbox One preview and Xbox Beta app platforms will get Xbox News posts right in their activity feed. This update will help users on both Xbox One preview and Xbox Beta app platforms to stay up to date with all the advancements and features through Xbox News.
  • Improvements to Suggested Friends: Are you looking for people you might already know on Xbox or are you looking for top content creators to follow? Access the revived Friends Suggestions on Xbox One in the Guide and then go to Community and Friends area and you will reach Friends Suggestions. In the newly updated Friends Suggestions, you will see that it includes the real name if the user has shared, gamertag, Xbox Avatar image or the gamerpic, and finally it will also provide the users as to why the suggestion was made. B clicking on the suggestions, you can view the members’ full profile.