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Microsoft’s Cross Platform Strategy –Microsoft Invading Android and iOS


A major force in the world of technology for several years now, Microsoft was established in 1975. Since then, the company has been coming out with many innovations which have helped shape up the world of technology the way we know it to be.

Microsoft’s greatest contributions, however come in the world of software technology, as the company has been updating the software markets with some of the most incredible updates and upgrades in recent times.

Despite a forgettable performance in the markets of hardware in recent times, which Microsoft has been trying hard to break into, the company still has a major success in the software business.

Microsoft is playing around its strength, which is software, and has been acquiring a large number of businesses lately.

If we look closely, in the last one year, there have been countless acquisitions that Microsoft has made, from big names such as Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, to relatively smaller names and startups such as Swiftkey.

The company has not only shown a keen interest in acquiring smaller startups, but has been quite app-specific.

They took over the sunrise calendar last year, and merged it with the Outlook app. They have been taking over various small firms and have been merging them with their products.

The company’s latest acquisition has been that of the Groove Music for iOS application, and they are probably planning to merge it with their Groove Music (which was previously known as the XBOX Music app)

Microsoft has taken to a cross-platform promotional strategy, and the Microsoft Garage, too has been a major accelerator in this. A large number of apps have been released by the Microsoft Garage, including the likes of the Mimicker Alarm, Fetch, Find Time, News Pro, and much more.

Microsoft has now realized that instead of spending a massive number of their resources in the hardware markets that are not doing so well, they could actually try playing around their strength, which is the hardware business. The company is indeed doing well here.

Talking about the software numbers, the Windows 10 OS has seen a major growth in the month of January, which is actually the second highest since its launch. The Windows 10 OS market share grew by a massive 2.2%.

Microsoft has been swift to shift between hardware and software, and this is indeed working in their favor.