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Microsoft’s free 15 GB Onedrive Storage – 31st January as the last date for claiming


In the previous year when Microsoft was popularizing Office 365 and Windows 10, it maintained no bounds in order to get more people to join in.

The best way to attract users is to give them stuff for free and Microsoft was extremely generous to them. 15 GB of free cloud storage was provided to Microsoft account users and those with a Windows phone got 15 GB more as a complimentary camera roll, where they could store a huge number of images.

Apart from this it reduced its unlimited cloud storage fee to only $10 a month and provided Office 365 usage to the user. In addition to this up to 4 other users who had a Microsoft account could get unlimited storage as well.

Naturally the response to this was overwhelming. A huge number of people signed up and thousands across the globe were able to use its features to their benefit. Microsoft was wallowing in the high number of users that it had.

This pride was only short lived; finally in the month of November 2015 the company realizes that it had become a little too generous and instead of people being benefited, the companies cloud services were being abused with excessive storage and uncontrolled usage.

Users had the upper hand in the situation and kept up loading disc after disc of material to the cloud while Microsoft struggled under the pressure of data maintenance.

Ultimately the company decided to change its verdict and understood that it needed to keep a check on what was happening in the cloud and at the same time control the damage that was done.

At the same time they did not want to hurt the users sentiments and decided to give them something out of the space they had claimed. Hence the users were allowed to keep the 15 GB free storage and the additional camera roll of 15 GB.

But it was decided that unlimited free storage would be of 50 GB max and paid storage of 100 and 200 GB was reduced to the same level.

Although the  heavy users were a little not happy with the decision, most light users and photo fans across the Microsoft user list were happy with the changes. This offer was available only till the 31st of January 2016 and users who claimed it were able to keep it.

Those who were able to register themselves and were consuming more than 5 GB of storage were given 1 year of Office 365 usage for free along with 1TB storage.