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Microsoft’s Purchase of SwiftKey Keyboard Will Not Stop it From Producing Angrily and iOS Apps


Microsoft’s efforts in trying to make life easier for people has seen a constant growth. Starting from things as simple as a voice assistant like Cortana to huge sub sea data centers, the company has been trying to surpass its rivals in every way possible.

In its efforts to bring things up to a better position, the Redmond giant has announced on going deals to purchase SwiftKey, and to supply it to various platforms. This news was confirmed by Harry Shum, executive VP for technology and research at Microsoft, through a blog post on Wednesday.

Some of you might not be aware of what the Swiftkey is. Swiftkey is a keyboard that allows you to type words without actually having to type; you will need to simply run your finger across the words that you want to type and leave it to see the magic happening.

The keyboard software will immediately recognize what you want to type and put suggestions on the screen. While you have fun with the keyboard, the software creates a line that follows your finger as it moves.

It’s a pretty sight and is rather simple to use. The keyboard Will nevertheless give you choices of words just in case it makes the wrong interpretation of what you intend to type. These suggestions are, I must say, really relevant unless you have made a spelling mistake.

Now that you know what Swiftkey is, you understand that the software is something people worldwide would want to use, especially the youngsters with android devices. But Microsoft’s purchase of the software does not mean that it would leave the two companies out of the running.

It intends to allow other platforms to use it as well. In fact, it would like to have other applications based on the same software. Of course, it all boils down to Artificial intelligence, but with the devices launched today, compatibility should not be a problem.

Asides, recognition of the software has also been increased in the latest version of the keyboard, the Alpha keyboard.This version enhances the neural network on which the keyboard is based.

There has been no information claiming the shutdown of WordFlow keyboard, we think it would continue to be used.