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Microsoft’s Recent Acquisitions, Releases – Groove for iOS, Fetch, SwiftKey


Microsoft has been a company which has taken a whole new approach to marketing. The company is traditionally known for their software business, and had recently tried to enter into the hardware business too.

However in less than a year’s time, they have realized that the hardware business is not their cup of tea, and that they need to work much harder here.

Microsoft’s late entry in the hardware business has cost them dearly and they have lagged out years behind other firms in the hardware markets.

The company has however been playing around their strength off late, which is the software business, and have been releasing and acquiring a large number of apps. Case in point being the following three:

  1. Groove for iOS

Microsoft took over the Groove for iOS application from Zikera recently. The company now intends to tap into the markets of music on the iOS devices with this. After the acquisition of the Groove for iOS app, the users will no longer be able to download the app but the existing users can still use it. The app basically generated playlists like several other streaming apps. Groove for iOS is likely to be integrated with the Microsoft Groove music (formerly XBOX Music).

  1. Swiftkey

One of the most popular alternate keyboard applications, Microsoft has taken over Swiftkey now. Swiftkey is also an AI based software as it uses Artificial Intelligence technology to predict what the user is going to type next by studying the user’s behavior over time.

The app is expected to help Microsoft a lot as the company heads forward into the direction of Artificial Intelligence in the days to follow.

  1. Microsoft Fetch

Microsoft Fetch is not an acquisition, but has been created by Microsoft Garage – a name which has been quite known off late, coming out with many fun releases in recent times, including What-Age and the Mimicker app among various other projects.

The Microsoft Fetch app allows the users to scan a dog’s face and they can identify what kind of dog they are looking at. However the people are having fun with the app by scanning celebs and their friends’ photos, comparing humans to dogs. The company has also released a website along with this app www.what-dog.net