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Microsoft’s Secret Tablet Might Be The Surface Go – A Mixture Of PCs And Laptops That Provides Mobile Environment For Windows 10


Microsoft’s Surface Go is the latest piece of PC hardware that’s designed to work with the company’s cloud-based services.

On the other hand, Microsoft might have changed its approach to the hardware or the Surface Go is a sealed PC dressed up as a tablet.

According to Forbes, the team at iFixit decided to open up the Surface Go in order to find out.

Surface Go features

The Surface Go is designed like a tablet, and there is no fan to direct away the heat from the CPU or the components. Instead, there’s thermal paste and a copper heatsink, and this is much closer to a tablet than the choices that have been made for the higher-end Surface Pro devices.

The battery is smaller than the ones of the Surface Pro and Surface Book 2, but even the battery in an iPad 5 and 6 can offer more power at 32.9 Wh compared to the 26.12 flaunted by the Surface Go.

Regarding basic specs, the Surface Go is a Windows 10 tablet, rather than a Windows 10 ultraportable.

Forbes also notes that “the Surface Go has an I/O suite that would make a PC blush – and it outstrips the MacBook Pro machines for connectivity (although these days that isn’t very hard). With microSDXC support, a classic 3.5 stereo jack, a USB-C port, and Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connect port.”

Almost impossible to repair and upgrade 

It also seems that cracking open the Surface Go not only makes it more than clear that the Go is Microsoft’s tablet, but it has a lot of the same traits featured by the larger Surface machines that make it almost impossible to repair.

Forbes notes that there are even more indicators that the Surface Go is not designed to be easily repaired: “The display glass is glued over the Wi-Fi antenna, circuit board screws are hidden way under tape and shields, and there is an excess of sticky fabric inside.”

It seems that besides being difficult to repair by end users, the Surface Go is also probably impossible to upgrade.

Overall, the Surface Go basically blends the hardware definition of a PC and a laptop while at the same time trying its best to offers Windows 10 a place in the mobile sphere.