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Minecraft Combat Update 1.9 Adds Many Major Changes – Dual Wielding and More


One of the most popular games on the planet, Minecraft has been on top of the charts when it comes to the most played games of all times.

The company has a cult following and enjoys millions of gamers across the world playing it religiously. The game is created by Mojang, and on their part, Mojang too, are doing a good job as they keep providing the users with constant updates and upgrades.

The latest update that has rolled out is that of Minecraft Combat Update 1.9, and that has brought out many major changes to the way the game works.

Minecraft, which was acquired by Microsoft, has been one of the most popular games of all times and has caught the attention of mainstream media as well.

The game has become so popular that the gamers often have their own conventions where they dress up as Minecraft characters.

Minecraft Combat Update 1.9 is expected to introduce a whole new level of excitement in the game and is expected to refresh the gamers experience.

Dual Wielding

The Minecraft Combat Update 1.9 now enables the gamers to use both the hands in a more effective manner, as the users can now hold a torch or another weapon in the left hand and make themselves more useful.

This is one of the biggest updates of the game, and it allows the users to do much more than ever before.

Weapons Get Updated

The weapons too, get new updates in this Minecraft Combat Update 1.9, as the gamer now get improved features such as newer weapon movements – most noticeable is the sword getting the sweep feature, the axe getting a ‘crushing’ blow, and the arrows have received the most updates.

There have been new arrow types which have been added for the ranged players of the game. The company has added ‘tipped arrows’ and ‘spectral arrows’ to the mix, making things more exciting than ever before. Even the usual attacks have been updated, and the users can now fight in a more decisive and tactical manner, as cooldown timers have been added to the mix.

Shield and Protection

With the arrival of the Minecraft Combat Update 1.9, shields have now been introduced, and the users can now make use of this new and improved protection system. Armor protection values have been reduced to balance out the additional level of protection that has been provided by the arrival of these shields.