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Minecraft For School Children – Microsoft Gets Serious On Educational Issues Even With Games


If you’ve been reading the news recently, there has been an update on iOS 9.3 that makes the OS beneficial for iPads used by kids in school.

It can make kids login to a certain education eBook arrangement and also lets the teachers check on them.

This is known as the classroom app. This was received really well be experts and critics across the world and Apple has been praised for making technology education – centric.

Being at loggerheads with Apple, it is only very obvious that Microsoft too, would make a move towards the educational sector and although it has not really launched a classroom app, it has come up with something kids would be all gaga about – educational gaming.

Minecraft’s educational version is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s move into the educational sector. As the name goes, Minecraft Educational edition will be designed completely for school students.

They will get the chance to build the Minecraft world as before, but it would be completely geared towards learning. Also known as MinecraftEdu at the moment, the full version of the game is still in its infancy and a trial version of the expanded form of the game will be made available to students just around summer time.

MinecraftEdu had actually come into existence back in 2011, with scope of support to about 40 different countries across the globe.

The students already on the MinecraftEdu trial mode will have access to the game and its features for about a year. Teachers will be able to understand the knowhow around the game and gain suggestions on lesson plans by visiting education.minecraft.net.

This is a revolutionary move by the Redmond giant. The COO of Mojang, Vu Bui, is of the opinion that the game will be able to do wonders not just because it is wonderful as a fun way of learning, it is also a place where the creativity of the young end users will be enhanced to a point where they will be able to understand concepts even better.

They might even be able to make projects about the same easily on this platform. He called the game a ‘common creative playground’ where children across the world can explore the minecraft world and build on it based on the educational needs of the students.