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Minecraft Legends – Is it Canon?


The upcoming action-strategy game Minecraft Legends from Mojang Studios is set in the well-known universe of Minecraft, but whether it’s truly canon or not, it may still be a subject of discussion.

The Minecraft universe has been expanding and changing as dungeon crawls like Minecraft Dungeons and DLCs within Batman or SpongeBob SquarePants universes have been made utilizing the same cubic blocks of the original game.

Although many of these diverse storylines are enjoyable, some players are just curious as to how much of the Minecraft world is included in a single, well-rounded narrative.

The arrival of Minecraft Legends, whether it’s canon or not, is just a few weeks away.

Players will get a tactical adventure that offers both a distinct PvP experience and a narrative campaign.

Celestial Hosts, the original world’s founders, lead the protagonists through an epic narrative of battle with the piglins in the campaign.

As the protector of these Hosts, the player character has the extraordinary chance to vanquish the piglins and put an end to the Overworld’s chaos once and for all.

Because the plot of the campaign is allegedly a recounting of a legend that’s been passed down through the years in the Minecraft villages, the game’s name was chosen very carefully.

Apparently, it’s a type of folktale rather than true canon, which may or may not be true in the game’s universe.

The Overworld was completely peaceful prior to the piglins’ invasion.

Even cats and Creepers could coexist together without causing an explosion, as could zombies and the villagers.

The cosmos was created by the Hosts, who resembled gods in certain ways.

When the piglins finally arrived, a Champion emerged who had been chosen by the Hosts and granted magical weapons.

In Minecraft Legends, the story is essentially a myth that has been modified for the world of Minecraft.

The concept of canon in Minecraft as a whole is quite nebulous.

A question concerning the plot of Minecraft Legends and how the devs approach writing stories in Minecraft was addressed by Dennis Ries, the executive producer of Mojang Studios, not too long ago.

While talking about a preview for the upcoming new game, Ries explained that “We believe that the real stories of Minecraft exist within our players, like everyone has their own Minecraft story and what we wanted to make sure we did, is that we preserve those stories because those are far more important.”

Overall, the purpose of Minecraft has always been to encourage players’ imagination, creativity, and self-expression.

It seems likely that Mojang Studios would view the tales as Legends in light of this.

The storylines in games like Minecraft Legends are just fun folktales that gamers may enjoy experiencing.

After all, everyone can construct their very own legends within Minecraft.

Technically speaking, Minecraft Legends is not a fully official experience in Minecraft, but the folktale surrounding it may be viewed as a component of the larger world that has been there for a very long time.

The stories found in the world of Minecraft are all Legends, regardless of whether they were officially generated by Mojang Studios or were made by any other gamer on their personal server.


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