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Minecraft Marketplace Updated With New Content


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The Minecraft Marketplace was updated yesterday with new content created by its community.  The update consists of five new content packages, where the most important one is the Infinity Dungeon EX map that creates a new dungeon every time the player enters. Moreover, the players are able now to benefit from a variety of skins with packages themed after sports, medieval times and kings, summer and much more. Each of these packages cost 310 coins each; the exception being the Infinity Dungeon EX map that is 830 coins.

What you need to know about the latest packs

The Infinity Dungeon EX is a dungeon that is generated randomly, where you can play alone or team up with some friends. The main goal is to discover the Infinity Core, but until then, the players must face the dungeon’s dangers and threats and its complicated puzzles while they are making sure nothing else harms them.

The Summer Festival Skin Package – the name says it all. This pack will offer the player the opportunity feel the summer vibes even when they are in the game and that includes playing from the perspective of a turtle or even a mermaid.

The Survivors Skin Package – this skin pack is dedicated to those who love the post-apocalyptic scenarios and adventure where the world is in ruins and the players have to use their wit, ingenuity and strength in order to survive.

The King and Paupers Skin Package – this skin offers a lot of alternatives of playing and what is more impressive is that the setting is inspired by the European medieval times. The player can either choose to live as a beggar or serve as a queen.

The Sports Skin Package – this skin pack is definitely dedicated to those who enjoy sports. In this way, the player can choose from fifteen different kinds of sports, such as: soccer, hockey, volleyball, skateboarding and many more.