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Misfit Ray Is Smart Jewellery That Monitors Your Health


As weird as it may sound, your jewellery is going to become smart now and will help keeping track of your health.

Misfit, a company that deals with manufacturing of tech wearables, has come up with a brand new product call the Misfit Ray, that will change the way you look at jewellery.

The manufacturer was acquired by Fossil, a manufacturer of world class watches and other accessories that is currently involved with production if jewellery as well.

The company has been known fir its products relating to smartwear, known as the Shine and the Flash, which are basically fitness trackers.

Although these devices were quite good, attaching them to existing jewellery was a big challenge and many people reported that their devices won’t stay on their favourite bracelet or the wristband they love wearing.

Some have even claimed that they lost their devices or they fell off when they were not very careful.

The Misfit Ray brings about a welcome change from badly fitting plastic looking discs that you had to pop on to your best sports themed wristband. It looks excellent as it is made if metal. It attaches well to your existing jewellery, as it comes with good quality springs on either side, helping it to attach firmly to any rubber or leather and even metal bands or chains for that matter.

The device is simple ad is bar shaped. No one would know a thing if you wore it like a bracelet attachment with both sides attached to the band or as a pendant in that sleek chain you bought from the store with one end attached only.

A smart looking LED indicator gives you crucial updates and if connected to a Misfit Link, it can function as a button for any function you want it to perform within its scope of functions.

The Ray lets you swim and walk, and it records all the health related data. Much like the Shine 2, you will have the independence to swim with it for about 50 meters.

You can use the device for tracking the number of steps you take and it can also keep track of whether or not you are sleeping well enough.

It nevertheless is not a replacement for your watch, but is a great thing to have if you like less bulky wristwear.