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Mobile World Congress 2016 – Microsoft, Google, Samsung, LG to watch out for


The Mobile World Congress is all set to kick off from Monday. With the event being one of the biggest happenings in the world of technology, the users are all gearing up for the release of the phones.

These devices are expected to change the way we see the world of technology to be, and many major names are expected to be a part of this event.

Here’s a list of the top names and the announcements that they are expected to make at the MWC –

  1. Microsoft:

The company has recently released the Lumia 650, and is not expected to pull out any major surprises as of now, as the mobile phone markets have not been quite favorable for Microsoft anyway.

The company is now expected to come out with a few more windows 10 powered phones at the event, and is expected to showcase new updates to their phones.

Microsoft is also expected to announce a release date for the Windows 10 Mobile OS for their existing phones.

  1. Samsung:

Samsung is one of the biggest names at the MWC 2016, and is going to reveal the next generation of smartphones from the company, the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The company is also expected to show off the S7 Edge, as well as the Samsung Galaxy 360 VR camera.

  1. Google:

Google is not expected to do much at the event and is expected to talk about a few new partnerships that they might have entered into, Android wear is a topic they might discuss, as most Google announcements will come out during May, when the Google I/O takes place.

  1. LG:

LG is expected to make a major, major impact at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The company is expected to showcase their latest release – the LG G5, which is expected to be a phone that LG has especially crafted to beat the Samsung galaxy S7.

Both the phones are launching on the same date, later today, and it will be exciting to see them release.

  1. HTC:

Expected to not talk much at the event, the company is busy working on their M10 device, which will be shown off in the months of March of April.

HTC is all set to change the way the markets function with their new phone, but that will not happen at the MWC.

HTC, however, is going to release the HTC Vive Pre on the 29th of February.