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Most Common SnapTube Issues and How To Fix Them


Today we are going to present readers with three simple methods of fixing some of SnapTube’s most reoccurring problems. Even though SnapTube is a premium level app, some bugs still manage to breach through security. On the bright side of things, they can be easily fixed and the app’s developers are constantly releasing bug fixes that take care of them.

The App Keeps Crashing

The most common and annoying issue that SnapTube has is that it sometimes crashes. This issue will prove to be quite irritating when it occurs in the middle of the process of downloading videos but luckily, there’s a quick way of fixing it.

  • Head over to the Settings panel;
  • Access the “All Apps” option;
  • Locate SnapTube and clear the cache.

As simple as it might sound, this quick fox usually makes SnapTube run without any issues. In case it didn’t work, users can also try to clear other applications that they don’t use that much.

Downloads Are Not Starting

Considering that SnapTube is mainly used to download videos, the fact that it sometimes doesn’t want to download any video makes the app basically useless. The reason behind this issue is that SnapTube is not available on the official Google Play Store and it can only be downloaded in form of APKs and some of these APK files are broken or expired.

Therefore, users who want to make sure that they are running the right version of SnapTube should download it from here.

Most Efficient Fix

If none of the above mentioned fixes didn’t work, SnapTube fans can always uninstall the application and install it once again. In addition, fans should also head over to the “Permissions” panel and make sure that SnapTube is allowed to download videos and that the smartphone’s security system is not blocking it.