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Most Searched Free Apps Available To Download – Which One Is Better?


Waze – the app is well known ever since the Symbian S60v3 version exists. And as mobile data in 2015 is no longer a problem, it is great. From my point of view, it is the best navigation app for Android. Besides I can count the hours it has saved me avoiding crowded areas and it even noticed me about radars and police crews on the road.

Duolingo – If you feel you are wasting your time with sites like Facebook, now you can do something educational with the phone. Specifically, you can learn a new language. This app transforms vocabulary / grammar lessons into small games

Beep’nGo. It is a discount card manager. With this app you got rid of almost all the cards in your wallet. Scan, put them in a personal library and then the app reproduces your barcode on when you need. I used the app before in a lot of stores, but, surprisingly, the cashiers were not impressed. The app is made by Samsung and I do not know if it can be downloaded on all phones. An alternative would be Virtual Cards.

Timehop – Connect it with your social media accounts and it shows what you were doing / posting one, two or three years ago. For example, as I found out last year on January 25 it was a big snow fall that got us trapped and it even shows you the temperatures from that day.

Photoshop Express -If you need to edit a picture, the mobile version of the famous app is quick and easy. I like it because is quite intuitive.

Deezer is a music streaming app that creates music flows based on your choices of songs and on what you liked or disliked within the app. Even more, the app will take the album cover and put it on the lock screen, which looks very good.

Camera FV-5 Lite – Those who are accustomed to DSLR cameras will appreciate this app. Because the interface has the controls similar to a DSLR. All settings are visible and are very easy to modify. Including the shutter sound and the focus resembles that of a professional device.

Alarm Clock Radio – modern phones have no radio module. The app uses a stream (so you must have your WiFi on) as you wake up in the morning with music on the radio instead of annoying alarm sound.

Pixel Battery Saver – only works for phones with OLED screen. It disables the screen’s pixels to improve battery life. Frankly, I do not know how effective it is, but I included it last on the list because it seemed a very interesting concept.