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Moto Z and Moto Z to come with Nougat Update


Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google and they have already created two great smartphones, the Moto Z and Moto Z Force. Both devices sport impressive cutting edge hardware and beautiful designs but the only feature missing is the new Android Nougat operating system. Some owners of Moto Z and Moto Z Force have already ROM flashed the Nougat OS on their devices and the smartphones ran the new OS smoothly. Seeing that the devices can run the OS without problems and that Moto Z owners are highly anticipating the Nougat update to come,Verizon confirmed they are rolling out the Android 7.0 Nougat update.

The software update will bring the operating system to the NCL25.86-11 version and it will equip Moto Z and Moto Z Force owners with all the new Nougat features. The most expected feature is the multi-window support, Verizon even talked about this new feature in the update’s change log. The function can be used by holding the recent apps button and your present app will be moved moving in the top half side of your display, leaving the bottom side empty where you can open up another app. You can even drag an app from the bottom side to the top side if you prefer. Another cool feature is the ability to Quick-switch between apps and the most fun feature is the addition of a bunch of cool new emoji.

The interface received some changes as well, users can now swipe left or right to open or close panels in the settings menu. The software update will help the user’s battery by using the Doze mode, and the user will be able to navigate through his setting’s menu via a hamburger menu using the newly added swipe right or left gesture. The devices will be equipped with a data saver as well, and this will increase data optimization.


  1. This means that Motorola already installed roughly the same really fast and accurate sensor’s on their Z line. Just like the Pixel smartphones.

    Now Motorola just has to make a Tango mod, and these smartphones can officially be anything you want them to be.

  2. Oops! I thought people in the know said moto wouldn’t update their phones and that people buying them are going to wait for 2 years to get even get a single update?

    The Moto Z is the best android phone of the year imo.. Such a monster!!!

  3. Good luck with those MONTHLY security updates.

    Moto isn’t a bad company, but updates certainly aren’t their forte anymore. Samsung isn’t that far behind if you think about it, they’re on their second Nougat beta build, and on the other hand a company with a lineup as varied as Samsung, with at least 12 different variants of their flagship phone in the US alone (SM-G930/5 A/P/S/T/U/V) is doing fine in updating security patches every month.

  4. The Pixel is better IMO, Bankz. I love the Moto Z for its innovation, as we discussed earlier this year, but the Pixel overall beats the Moto Z. But the Moto Z is a close second behind, and definitely one of the best and most innovative products this year. The Pixel is a little more well rounded as a pure phone, and will have longer software support, although all the Lenovo haters saying that they destroyed Motorola have been getting REKT all year, and just got major league REKT just now. Besides the phones that came with Nougat out of the box, these are the first to get Nougat.

  5. Infact the Moto Z is the first android phone to update their phones to Android N, aside the LG V20 that launched with it.. Even the Oneplus 3T that underwent a refresh still launched with mashmallow. While others like LG, HTC, SAMSUNG, SONY, HUAWEI, XIAOMI etc are still doing betas one after the other.. Such a shame tbh

  6. Usually when I used my phone for VR, it turns quite hot. I’ve read the Moto Z is quite hot since it’s thinness. Anyone can confirm?

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