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MovieTube for Android is Changing the Entertainment World


The entertainment world is changing as we speak. There are numerous apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime which are making it easier for people to receive access to all their favorite shows without having to be subscribed to a cable company. In fact, these companies are running traditional cable companies to the ground, but this is how things go when an industry is evolving.


The only downside to apps similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime is that people need to pay a monthly subscriber fee in order to view movies and TV shows. Fortunately, there are lots of alternatives that can provide users with the same premium entertainment experience free of charge and MovieTube is one of them.

Android App

The first thing we need to mention about MovieTube is that it’s designed to run on Android powered devices. Therefore, MovieTube is great for people who love catching up to the latest movies and shows from their smartphones or tablets. In addition, all movies that MovieTube provides are presented in full HD (1080x1920p) quality and they are also available in 18 different languages.

Top Features

Obviously, the most important feature that MovieTube offers is the fact that it’s completely free. The app is filled with all the latest movies and shows, especially the ones that come from Hollywood and Bollywood.

Knowing that not everyone is a tech savvy person, the developers who created MovieTube have equipped it with a simple UI (user interface) that makes it easy for anyone to install the app on their Android device and get directly to watching movies.

The coolest thing about MovieTube is it’s rating system. The app provides users with comprehensive reviews for every movie and show that it presents which makes it simpler for users to tell which shows they might enjoy watching.