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Mozilla Decides To Pull The Plug on Firefox OS for Phones


Firefox for mobile phones has been around for quite some time now. Desperate attempts to complete with iOS and Android has failed for this operating system.

Mozilla has decided to withdraw operating system from the world of mobile phones permanently.

It has come like more of a realization for Mozilla that at this point when it has such a lot of competitions against IOS and Android it is difficult for it to make a position for itself.

In lieu of the same the company has decided to shutdown the Mozilla Firefox OS for the mobiles and in place of this it is now going to concentrate on a very new sort of Technology which is rampant and has first shown up at CES 2016.

This technology is termed as Internet of things and is going to make it possible for every household items to get connected to the Internet. This is something that Firefox is now going to adopt as its next project and connected devices would be the name of the move.

This information was received on Thursday; the head of the core contributors George Roter said that the company was now focusing on Internet of things instead of Firefox OS. This was mentioned in a company email.

However the company is not going to end the OS so abruptly. Mozilla plans to continue to extend support to its Firefox OS users till the month of May when it is finally going to release the version 2.6.

This version of Firefox OS would be the last, after which Mozilla Firefox OS team will be moved to different departments more of them would be moved to the Connected Devices Project and other Mozilla teams also be housing the remaining members.

The connected devices team is already in operation and at the moment they are working on new product innovations. This team has finished working on three products others are in the making at the moment but have not been finalized.

This would also guarantee more success for Mozilla and they would finally be able to compete with their biggest adversaries namely Microsoft, Android and of course Apple.

Mozilla’s success with the Mozilla Firefox browser is definitely not something that we can underestimate but there was a big set back in terms of mobile OS.

Now that they have started focusing on Internet of things, expectations has been set for the team and they are already sure that they would be able to do much better than what they had been doing before.

There is one question though; what happens to the Mozilla Firefox OS? The truth is that the OS would be shut down for the mobile systems but it would continue to exist for the smart TV’s and it would be stored for future use to see if there would be any devices in future that could use the operating system.