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Mozilla Firefox Gets More Updates In Version 44 – Push Notifications Added


The Mozilla Firefox browser is one of the lightest ones available in the market today. Be it ease of installation or bringing new features to the table, Mozilla has always been in the number one position.

Even today, the same thing has been displayed , this time in the form of Updated version 44.

The updated version 44 was recently rolled out to users. This version has been updated with the ability to receive push notifications. Push notifications are generally those that come in the form of pop ups.

These pop ups can be about a lot of things, but it would generally be from your favorite websites prompting you to visit them for special promotions or offers.

These push notifications are available with the Mozilla Firefox 44 only and will keep cropping up, even if you are not really using that website.

So how does Push Notification help you? Say for example, you would like to buy a jacket. The price is right, the color is pretty and you are just about the select the size when Wham! the size is sold out.

You promptly add the product to your wishlist and choose to be alerted when the product is in stock again and leave. This is where push notification will come into play.

As soon as the product is in stock again, you will get a pop up informing you of the same and this time, you’ll be the first ones to buy it.

Similarly, Push notifications seem to work wonders for other sites like social networking, weather, news, stock market alerts and match scores, and every other site that you can think of, that provides radically changing feeds.

This service, will not be available to you by default. The browser will ask you for your permission to do so, as there are already a good number people who are on the contrary, not very fond of the Push feature at all. If you grant permission, the notifications will start getting delivered to you.

The feature will be available to Windows, Mac, and Linux users as well. You can turn them On or off by clicking on the green lock symbol on the left side of the address bar.