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Mozilla is Planning to Develop a Voice-Controlled Web Browser


There are lots of browsers that people can choose from, but truth be told, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the ones which rule the market. Even though Mozilla Firefox is one of the most versatile browsers in the world, the Mozilla developer team is looking to take things to the next level by launching a new project call Scout.

Mozilla Scout

Mozilla wants to create a browser that can be controlled only through vocal commands. The developers are not that keen to unveil too many details about Scout, but the developers did say the following about it: “With the Scout app, we start to explore browsing and consuming content with the voice”.

The Early Stages

Even though Mozilla is not keeping the Scout project a secret, we will need to wait a couple more years before the browser is available to the general public. Mozilla is currently developing Scout and the browser is still in the early stages.

“This talk will discuss the architecture and key components needed for a voice platform, the required capabilities of those components and the challenges of working with the limitations and confines of existing platforms” said Mozilla when asked about when we will be able to see an early-access version of Scout.

Voice Assistant Technology

One of the main reasons why Mozilla started developing Scout is because other tech companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon are making huge advances in the voice assistant technology department and Mozilla doesn’t want to be left behind.

Nonetheless, Mozilla plans to attend the “All Hands” conference which will take place between October 15th-16th and that’s where Mozilla will unveil additional details about the Scout project and maybe even showcase an alpha version of it.

The question that’s sitting in everyone’s minds right now is if Mozilla will develop its own AI assistant or use Amazon’s Alexa instead?