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MSI Gaming 27XT – Gaming All-in-One


This year at CES, many PCs manufacturers have introduced All-in-One models dedicated to gamers that can be configured with standard graphics cards and processors, but that still does not offer the freedom of a normal PC, since is limited to the components listed in the offer. Well, MSI is trying to address this problem, at least for the graphic solution, with the All-in-One Gaming model 27XT. It retains an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and it has a place where you can put whatever you want in terms of exterior graphics processor.

Gaming 27XT does not have a complete list of specifications currently, they will be announced soon, but MSI has confirmed that it will be based on Intel Core i7 Skylake architecture and graphics card can be replaced by anything available on the market. We do not know how easy the replacement process is, but since the mount is found on the outside, probably it does not require much technical knowledge. The company did not specify whether its graphics cards will be introduced in Gaming 27XT, or whether users will only be able to use video cards made by other companies.

The new All-in-One is a computer dedicated to gamers and comes with a Full HD 27” screenb with 144Hz frequency and integrates technologies like Killer LAN and Hanim Audio Enhancer. Its shape is slightly strange but 27XT Gaming monitor is positioned directly on the desk, supported from behind by a transparent holder.

Until now All-in-One PC types were not recommended for video games, but now those who want more space on their desk already have several alternatives. Gaming 27XT is what seems to be less an expensive option (although it was not offered with an official price) and at the same time very interesting in terms of hardware customization.