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MSI Tobii Equipped Laptop is Now Available – Let Your Eyes do the Talking


The MSI Tobii laptop has brought a new change to the face of Technology. The device comes with the Tobii Eye tracking system which is something that has never been seen before.

The games that you play on the laptop can be totally controlled with your eyes.The model number of this laptop is MSI GT72S G  Tobii 805 gaming laptop. The device can be yours for a price of $2,600 and is available on Newegg.

Something as unique as this laptop would definitely be expensive. For this technology to be delivered flawlessly it is important that it be equipped with the highest quality of processor and with great graphics card backed up by a strong Ram.

The device is equipped with worthy parts. Providing it with raw processing power is the 2.7 gigahertz Intel skylake Core i7 6820 HK processor,  Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 M graphics and about 8 GB memory dedicated to the graphics card.

The RAM is 32 GB and the laptop is fitted with oven Terabyte hard disc with 256 GB PCIe SSD.

We would be able to see all our games on a beautiful screen which is 17.3 inches in size with 1080 pixels of resolution. It also comes with a Blu ray disc writer along with some interesting freebies.

Amongst the freebies that the device might get the most interesting one that has been suggested is Tom Clancy’s the division, which would be launched in March with Tobii support.

We are all excited to see this device but the Tobii eye tracking software support would not be available to all the games at the moment. Only as select might get this feature but at the moment that is only one that we are sure of that is Tom Clancy’s the division.Another game that has supported for this feature is Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

However, since the CES 2016 did show us a bit of the eye tracking system,there could be games that are coming up with this feature and have not announced it yet. Apart from this the laptop should also be equipped with an ex split gamecaster.

This software would be responsible for allowing you to display how the eye tracking movements are working on your life stream. In fact with this it is easier to be able to view clearly what you are looking at. Asides Windows hello would be able to use this software for making a retina scan and using it for identity authentication purposes.