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My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Spells Danger for the Heroes – Sets Up Shigaraki’s Rampage in the Episodes to Come!

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The latest episode of My Hero Academia is really raising the stakes as far as season 6 of this beloeved series is concerned!

In fact, the episode ends up on a cliffhanger, just as it sets things up for Tomura Shigaraki’s expected rampage in the episodes that will soon follow.

Of course, as fans know, season 5 has focused on building the skills up for pretty much everyone, be it hero or villain, which is why season 6 is so satisfying, using all that to its advantage to create suspense and great action and immediately jumping into the Paranormal Liberation Front battle.

While this was meant to try and keep Shigaraki from making a move, the attempt was unsuccessful and now he’s awoken and ready to be a massive problem for everyone, especially if he is allowed to use his brand new power.

Mustering enough power together, Mirko and Present Mic do manage to break open the tube Shigaraki was in before he could complete his new power process while in a sort of hybernation.

Still, the cliffhanger at the end of the latest episode makes it clear that this will lead to an even worse outcome for our favorite characters.

Despite the fact that his incubation was rendered incomplete, Shigaraki is still a huge threat and the fact that he is awake means extreme danger since it appears that he is more powerful than ever.

With that being said, the heroes have been struggling to fight against the villains as it is and things are only going to get more difficult from here on out.

All in all, season 6 is clearly going to continue raising the stakes and putting the anime’s heroes in more and more danger as it progresses.

My Hero Academia definitely knows how to keep its fans engaged with the story even after more than 5 seasons, giving us all more reasons to root for the good guys.