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NASA built a Starshade that will block the starlight – It comes with a fascinating role


When you want to see something and the sun comes into your eyes, you put your hand on your forehead to block the light. The same principle was used by NASA. Starlight affects the ability of telescopes to see clearly. To solve this problem, researchers have created a device that has the same function as a sun blocking hand.

Astronomers predict that for every star seen in the cosmos there is at least one planet that orbits it. The stars are much brighter than the planets, so in many cases, the task of observing a planet is impossible even with the most capable telescopes, writes Curiosity.

The solution of NASA researchers is simple: blocking the starlight. Thus, they built a device called starshade that has a diameter of several tens of meters and which is placed thousands of meters away from the telescope.

Starshade has a flower shape, whose “petals” are useful for better light absorption and a clearer picture. Also, this form is useful for launching in space as it can be tightened when it leaves the ground and can easily break out when it gets into space.