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NBA 2K18 Demo on the way, The Prelude comes 11 days before the full game


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NBA 2K has been countless times named the best sports video game franchise, and many agree to this statement due to the sheer quality of the products delivered by the developer in the last few years. Those that want to step in the shoes of real life NBA superstars have that opportunity and now, NBA 2K18 is on the way.

It is the custom with sports focused video games like NBA 2K or FIFA to release a new version of the game at the end of each year. So each release that comes a few months before the year ends will have the name NBA 2K followed by the last two digits of the following year. That’s how we are getting NBA 2K18 in late 2017.

The Prelude comes first

It is quite common for game developers to release a demo before releasing the full game. The demo is a shortened version of the game, which usually only has a couple of features unlocked. This version is free to download and it allows players to get a feel for the game before they purchase. It’s how people know if they actually like the product before pulling out their wallets and also allows us to have a little sneak peak in what’s to come.

This year, NBA 2k’s demo The Prelude comes 11 days before the release of the game’s full version. This information is accurate for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, although there aren’t any confirmed news about the PC version’s demo.

MyPLAYER experience

The MyPLAYER experience allows you to take your own custom created character through a career. You start out in the college basketball circuit and have to make your way to the big league. Simulating the real life road to the NBA, MyPLAYER gives you an insight on the struggles and pressure that come with playing ball professionally. This experience is featured in The Prelude so there is going to be quite a lot to explore before buying the game fully.

If you’re excited about trying out the latest addition to the NBA 2K roster, be sure to stay tuned on the 8th of September when The Prelude comes out and on the 19th of September when the full game comes out.