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Nebulas Blockchain Is The “Google of Cryptocurrencies” – How It Works?


Nowadays, we can resolve any doubts and find information of all kinds through Internet search engines. Only by typing a series of keywords that indicate the topic you are looking for, thousands of pages will appear where you can access it. In the same way that there are search engines to locate information on the Internet, in the world of cryptocurrencies we can find a platform that allows a very similar functionality – Nebulas decentralized search framework. However, in this case, instead of searching for content, it finds blockchain projects and smart contracts.

Nebulas blockchain, which powers the Nebulas (NAS) crypto token, also operates as a search engine, which earned it the name of the “Google of cryptocurrencies.”.

The same team that launched this cryptocurrency was behind the launch of AntShares, and they are therefore experienced in this area and have a perfect knowledge of the crypto-verse.

How does Nebulas decentralized search framework work?

Nebulas blockchain sets a value for smart contracts through a complicated protocol that the user can know the value given to a given blockchain or smart contract.

Besides, the Nebulas decentralized search framework offers an incentive protocol for developers as it attracts the most capable professionals to generate the most secure platform possible.

Using regular search services does not involve any direct payment. However, each time we enter data on the web, we provide information about our preferences or needs which can then be used by Google or others to show us advertisements. Therefore, in exchange for this gratuity, in a way, we “sell” our privacy.

With this in mind, Nebulas blockchain wants to maintain users privacy and will not disclose users data with third-parties.

Will Nebulas blockchain have a future?

In recent times we have seen the emergence of a large number of blockchain projects that have flooded the cryptocurrencies market.

In the same way that on the Internet we find a great deal of information, but much of it is not useful, it is interesting that a platform thought to facilitate finding and valuing only the blockchain and smart contracts projects that deserve that.

What Nebulas blockchain offers is different and unique in the world of cryptocurrencies, and I think it will have a bright future in the crypto-verse.