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Netflix 5.6.0 Build 23227 is Available for Download


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Netflix holds the title of being the world’s leading subscription mobile platform for watching TV shows and movies. Therefore, Netflix mobile’s user base is quite large and the developers behind the app need to make sure that they are always one step ahead when it comes to updates. With that in mind, the mobile edition of Netflix has been brought up to the 5.6.0 build 23227 version.

Netflix 5.6.0 Build 23227 Version

This is the latest update and every Netflix user should hurry up and download it. The reason we are advising Netflix fans to update their app as soon as possible is because this new version contains a bunch of bug fixes. Even though the update is fairly small weighing in at only 18.5MB, it still quite important since it takes care of many annoying issues.

Original Content

Netflix is mostly known for being the largest PC streaming platform in the world, but Netflix is also the biggest name in the smartphone streaming world. One of the reasons behind Netflix’s popularity is the fact that the company invests billions of dollars in original content. Things get even better since this original content is more than often so much better than what the likes of HBO have to offer.

Binge Watching

For example, Netflix is the company that both produces and delivers highly popular shows such as Narcos, Stranger Things, Glow and Orange is the New Black. What’s even more awesome about Netflix is that it uploads entire seasons at a time.

On the other hand, HBO makes people wait one week between each episode and this can get quite frustrating, especially for people who love to binge watch shows in their free time. Nonetheless, the mobile version of Netflix offers a one month free trial and its available for download right now.

Netflix is available on Google Play Store.