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Netflix 5.8.0 build 24642 APK Download Gets Rid of Annoying Bugs


Considering the fact that Netflix is the type of company that spends over $6 billion on original content for its streaming platform, no one should be surprised to find out that Netflix is doing its best in order to provide users with a premium experience. Netflix does charge for a monthly subscription and this means that its mobile app needs to run flawlessly.

Netflix 5.8.0 Build 24642 

With that being said, the Android edition of Netflix has been updated to 5.8.0 build 24642. This new version of the app is more stable than ever and it weighs in at 18.9MB.

Although, we need to mention that this update is only available in the APK form right now which means that eager Netflix fans need to download it themselves. However, the update is surely going to roll out OTA (over the air) during the upcoming future.

Bug Fixes

As previously mentioned, Netflix charges for a monthly subscription which means that there’s no room for error. The app needs to run smooth at all times and this latest APK update contains a bunch of bug fixes which ensure that the app never crashes or starts randomly malfunctioning.

Original Content

There are many reasons why Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for TV shows and movies but the most important one of them is the fact that Netflix invests money in original content.

Therefore, Netflix fans always get to watch interesting series such as Westworld and Stranger Things which cannot be found on any other platform.

Another cool thing about Netflix is that unlike traditional TV show and movie distributing platforms, it encourages binge watching. Netflix uploads entire season at a time and it doesn’t force viewers to wait one week per episode, like HBO does.

Netflix 5.8.0 is available on Google Play Store.