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Netflix To Prevent VPN Users And Proxy Users To Access Content From Other Countries


Netflix has faced a lot of issues concerning users who have been tricking the service into believing that they belong to other countries so that they can watch a programs from different places. This proxy issue first came into question when it made a debut in Australia previous year in March.

At that time the company denied answering questions because reports had been able to calculate that the number of unauthorized VPN users ranged between 150,000 to 200,000, who had accessed to US service in Australia. Now Netflix has taken this really seriously and will not let users who do such things get off very easily.

Viewers will no longer be able to use VPN services, Proxy servers or Unblockers to gain access to content that this not meant for their region. According to the company they are now geared towards providing restricted service till the time territory rights to shows and movies are gained, as per the market requirement.

Australia has not been the only country to blame, there are many among the 189 countries that try getting access to the US content which is said to be the largest library Netflix has.

According to David Fullagar who is currently designated as the Vice President of Netflix content delivery architecture, this theft of content mainly stems from lack of content in other countries and unavailability of US content in those places.

Fullagar believes that if Netflix was able to make all content available to  every part of the world, then people would not need to access content illegally. However this would require that the company gain access to the territory rights of every region which is a very far fetched dream. As Utopian as this concept is, it makes the most sense.

The company in future is aiming at expanding scope of content provision. Just after the CES 2016 within a period of a week Netflix expanded services to India, Russia, Poland, South East Asia, Saudi Arabia and some African countries.

This list totals upto 130, which means that Netflix would have 130 new sectors to deal with in order to tackle proxy issues.

Chief financial officer of Netflix, David Wells said that they are still working to find the right method to prevent these issues from becoming chronic.

Hopefully the 190 countries were Netflix now showing will have better access to content all over the world.