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New Gameplay Mode May Be Coming To Halo Infinite – New Features Are Revealed​

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Since Halo Infinite’s debut, there’s been a lot of demand for new features from gamers. Supporters of Halo Infinite have been impatiently awaiting the game to gain additional gameplay content, from online multiplayer locations to Forge option. Since Halo Infinite’s premiere, gamers have been clamoring for one element in particular: a multiplayer mode.

Starting with the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved, the co-op storyline has become a mainstay of every Halo game. As a result, many Halo Infinite players have become impatient with the game’s absence of a co-op story option. It does seem, though, that some kind of co-op campaign feature for Halo Infinite will be available to users shortly.

From July 11 through July 22, a beta variant of the co-op feature will be made accessible via 343 Industries’ principal world developer, John Mulkey. All gamers who purchase Halo Infinite or even have a membership to Xbox Game Pass may take advantage of this limited-time offer, which must be signed up for before July 5th. Participation throughout the Xbox Insider Programme is required as well.

Beware that the work achieved in Halo Infinite’s beta & official releases will not be carried over, therefore players will have to start over from scratch. If you’re playing on a separate platform, you’ll get cross-platform compatibility as well. In a statement, 343 Industries claimed that the goal of just this beta is to identify any lingering operational or technical problems first before the feature is officially launched.

It’s encouraging to see that 343 hasn’t shied away from responding to Halo fans’ requests for more features for Halo Infinite. There are also a lot of gamers that desire additional content, including particular weapons such as the DMR, even if the co-op storyline is a welcome inclusion.