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New Instagram Update Adds AR Filters and Video Chatting Feature


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Even though bad press has surrounded Facebook during this past few months, there is one thing that no one can deny! Facebook struck gold when it purchased Instagram. Analysts are reporting that Instagram is worth more than 100 billion dollars and the value keeps going higher by the day. The interesting thing about this is that Facebook users are moving on to Instagram, which means that there is no way for Facebook to lose.

Nonetheless, the reason why Instagram’s user base is getting bigger and bigger is that Facebook keeps rolling out updates which include cool features. During the recent F8 developers conference, Facebook revealed that Instagram will receive a bunch of new features which will improve the app’s overall user experience and those features have finally arrived!

Instagram New Features

Instagram is getting better with each day and this is helping the app grow in popularity, especially among teenagers who are fed up with Facebook. Moving on, Facebook announced during the F8 developers conference that Instagram will receive custom AR filters, video chatting and a brand-new Explore tab redesign.

Video Chatting

Considering that Instagram is mainly used to share pictures and not to get in touch with friend and family members, Facebook wants to make sure that users never have a reason to leave the app and it introduced video chatting.

Video chatting on Instagram can be accessed through the “Instagram Direct Tab’ and up to four people can get in a call at the same time. Moreover, the video chatting feature works only between people who have a “Direct thread” and it requires both members to respond to the call.

AR Filters

The camera filters that Instagram offers are some of the best things about the app. Instagram is now allowing third-party developers to create AR filters and a bunch of new ones which are created by BuzzFeed, the NBA, and Ariana Grande are already available.