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New iOS 11.3 Feature Slow Down Your Processors – Turn It Off!


Apple has some big plans when it comes to iOS 11.3, and users should get ready for some major additions. However, this does not mean that all of them will be good. For example, users have already discovered one upcoming feature that is not to their liking.

Apple is planning to introduce a feature that will slow down the processors of older iPhones when their batteries degrade too much. According to Apple this will prevent the phones from shutting down, but obviously, users were not happy with the news.

The ability is already here

As it turns out, Apple has already introduced this ability. However, right now it is only available in the iOS 11.2 version that has rolled out to developers. Then, after a few days the public beta testers should receive the beta as well. Finally, in a few weeks when testing is finally over, iOS 11.3 should roll out for the public.

Everything you should know about this feature

In order to get this ability, you will need iOS 11.3 first of all. The feature came with the second update, so you will need that one. If you want to receive the beta you can sign up to receive them. In order to sign up you will also need to install a profile to your device, and that will be the one that will seed it with beta software updates.

Throttling can be disabled, but only for certain phones. The 2017 iPhones are not affected, but all the other models receive this feature (iPhone S3, iPhone 6, iPhones 6S, iPhones 6S Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus).

If you have the update you will see a new page in the Battery section. Go to Battery Health (Beta) and you should see the maximum capacity. If it is under 80 percent it will be considered “significantly degraded”.