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New Skype Update Introduces Read Receipts


Skype is considered to be the ultimate chatting app, and there’s a good reason for that. Even though communication such as Telegram and WhatsApp are doing their best to dethrone Skype, this is proving to be an impossible task.

The reason why everyone is having such a tough time competing against Skype is because the app keeps improving with every new update and a brand-new one has just arrived!

New Skype Update

The developers who are in charge of Skype have just released a new update and it changes the app’s version number to the 8.26.76 preview build on Android, iOS, and desktop. The reason why Skype fans should hurry up and get their hands on this latest update is because it adds a couple of features that impact the way receipts work.

Read Receipts

One of the coolest features that this new update brings gives Skype users the ability to disable all receipts. This feature can be enabled from the privacy settings and it’s the perfect thing for people who hate having to send read receipts. Moreover, Skype users can also send read receipts from now on straight from the direct message panel.

Competing Against WhatsApp

WhatsApp is Skype’s biggest competitor and even though WhatsApp has a long way to go until it can surpass Skype in popularity, WhatsApp does have a couple of features that Skype lacks. Read receipts used to be one of the features WhatsApp offered while Skype didn’t, but that changed with the new update.

Always Improving

Nonetheless, what really matters is the fact that Skype’s developers are constantly launching new updates that take the app’s performances to the next level. This shows us that Skype is a premium app and that its user base will not lose numbers anytime soon.