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Tekken 0.9.2 Beta APK Update Contains a Plethora of Bug Fixes


There are many arcade fighting games, but none of them can compare with Tekken. This game franchise has been around for the longest time ever and the only one that puts up some real competition to it is Mortal Combat.

The reason why Tekken is highly popular after so many years of being out is because it offers cool characters and complex fighting techniques that are hard to master.

Complex Fighting Techniques

Since we are talking about arcade fighting games, martial arts are all that matters. Instead of focusing on one martial art, Tekken is doing the exact opposite by offering all styles. Player can pick characters that excel at Capoeira or others that are better at striking with martial arts like Kickboxing.

Nonetheless, there is another thing that gives Tekken an edge over its competition and that is the amount of updates that it receives.

Considering that the game franchise has been out for a couple of years now, the developers have enough experience to know that they need to keep refreshing the combat and visual style in order to keep players entertained.

Tekken 0.9.2 Beta APK

The game has recently received a new APK update that changes its version to “0.9.2”. The update is quite large in size, weighing at 45.69MB and it is targeted towards devices that run on Google’s latest Android 8.1 Oreo operating system.

However, the update can also be installed on a minimum of Android 5.0 Lollipop which means that the latest version of Tekken will also run on older smartphones.

What’s New?

The reason why Tekken players should hurry up and get this latest APK is because it introduces a bunch of highly important bug fixes. As an example, one of the issues that this update removes used to cause account/save data to be lost.