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New Waze Beta APK with Tons of Bug Fixes Goes Live


Waze is the world’s most reliable GPS navigation system. Anyone can download Waze on their smartphone directly from the official Google Play Store and never have to worry about getting lost or being stuck in traffic anymore.

The thing that makes Waze so popular is the fact that it reads reports about the local weather, traffic, police, hazards and accidents which make it capable of providing users with the best navigation routes.

Talking about navigation routes, Waze has a reputation for always knowing the shortest and the fastest routes. This reputation is what makes people want to use Waze and stop driving on the main roads which are always flooded with traffic. The best thing about Waze is not only the fast routes that it provides, but the fact that its constantly improving.

Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation Beta APK

Waze is quite special when compared to other navigation apps. The reason we are saying this is because Waze is constantly being updated through APKs which always take it to the next level.

Just take for example the latest APK which introduces a plethora of bug fixes. The APK is available right now and today we are going to present the top features that it contains.

Fixing Issues

Since Waze is an app, no one should be shocked to find out that it has its fair share of issues. This is the case with all apps and there is no flawless app. Although, the developers behind Waze are doing their best to repair these issues.

With that being said, the new APK update contains a bug fix which repairs the OpenGL 2.0 issues which caused the app to crash on older smartphones. In addition, the update also introduces a new bug fix for an issue which caused map text to render at slow rates.