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New World of Warcraft Trailer Confirms that Sylvanas Gives Orders to Burn Down Teldrassil


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As we already mentioned in a previous article, Blizzard is focusing all its attention on marketing the upcoming Battle for Azeroth World of Warcraft expansion. However, the reason why Blizzard is in our sights today is because the game developer has just released a short video teaser that shows us who burns down Teldrassil, the tree of life.

Sylvanas Burns Down Teldrassil

To everyone’s surprise, the video teaser released by Blizzard confirmed that none other than the Banshee Queen Sylvanas is responsible for burning down Teldrasil. Even though the video looked awesome, this news upset the World of Warcraft community because it shows that Battle for Azeroth is not going to feature a complex storyline.

The Community is Outraged

We already knew that Teldrassil is going to be burned down because this was featured in the launch video trailer for Battle for Azeroth. However, everyone expected that it’s going to be someone different than Sylvanas ordering the attack.

Numerous theories started popping up as soon as the trailer for the expansion was released and everyone thought that popular World of Warcraft characters such as Genn Greymane will put fire to the tree. The reason why an Alliance leader would do that is to give the new King Anduin a reason to attack the Horde.

Boring Story

From the looks of it, Blizzard is going to follow the same path that Warlords of Draenor took. What we mean by this is that the Horde is going to be the bad guys once again and we will end up fighting the Horde warchief as the final boss in a raid. This has already been done and World of Warcraft players are not that enthusiastic about it.

The Druid Controversy

For those who don’t know this, Teldrassil is the tree of life and World of Warcraft lore says that all druids get their power from it and that they will protect it with their lives.

On the other hand, the Horde has druids too and not only the alliance. This begs the questions, what are Horde players who are fans of the druid class going to think about the burning down of Teldrassil?

PVP Focus

Even though the new teaser for Battle for Azeroth is causing some controversy in the World of Warcraft community, one thing is certain, Blizzard is achieving its goal of focusing the new expansion on PVP (player vs player) content.

Players have been pleading Blizzard to start adding new PVP elements to the game in order to make the game feel exciting once again. Fortunately, Blizzards is quite successful in making the Alliance and the Horde hate each other.

The Real Reason Sylvanas Burns Down Teldrassil

The most disturbing part about Sylvanas ordering Teldrassil to be burned is the fact that she does it only to prove a point. If you will watch the teaser, you will see that Sylvanas encounters an injured Night Elf on her way to Teldrassil and she starts a conversation with that character, finding out that the Night Elves still have hope on their side.

After hearing this, Sylvanas turns the face of the injured Night Elf towards the tree of life and the orders her troops to burn it down, as if to show the Night Elf that nothing is going to stand in her way, not even hope! Nonetheless, what did you think of Sylvanas’s actions? Did you ever expect her to be the one who orders the Horde to burn down Teldrassi?