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Newest UC Browser Mini Update Available to Download


It’s no secret that we have a lot to choose from in the field of browsers nowadays. What browser you install on your devices is mostly a matter of taste, seeing as how most of them are equally good anyways. However, there is one browser in particular I want to talk about today because it’s great, but it’s not getting enough attention, namely UC Browser.

UC Browser is a Chinese mobile browser that is developed by the Alibaba Group. You might know Alibaba for their more famous project, the online e-commerce website Aliexpress, a.k.a. the Asian eBay or Amazon. While UC Browser is not that popular in the Western world, it surely is widely used in Asia, and all for good reason.

It has a simple interface that makes it extremely user friendly, for one. But its most notorious and important feature is the tremendous speed it provides for loading pages and downloading files and such. In fact, UC Browser is the fastest browser in the world for that, and it’s all due to its unique system.

The browser comes in two versions: the full and the mini. Think of the Mini version as a Lite one, packing almost all the features of the full one while being still smaller in size and not crowding up your RAM too much when used. And now, UC Browser Mini has a new version available for download. I’m talking about the 10.7.8 version, which brings some considerable and important tweaks and upgrades to its predecessor.

The new version of UC Browser Mini is available for download through an APK mirror. It doesn’t matter if you’re already a user, or want to become one. This is a good place to start regardless, and you surely won’t regret having UC Browser in your life.

Download available from Google Play Store.